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Comic Market (Comiket) 68

Schedule : Aug. 12th (Fri)~
             14th (Sun) 2005
Next : Dec. 29th (Thu) and 
             30th (Fri) 2005

     Hours of Operation

Dojinshi Area :
 10:00am to 4:00pm each day.
Corporate Dealers Area :
 10:00am to 5:00pm on Aug. 
 12th.and 13th.
 10:00am to 4:00pm on Aug. 
Dressing Room :
 10:00am to 3:30pm each day.
 (Registration open
 from 10:00am to 2:30pm.)


 Tokyo International 
Exhibition Center
(The Tokyo Big Sight)

Dojinshi Area : 
  East Halls 1~6& 
   West Halls 1~2
Dressing Room : 
  West Hall 3
Corporate Dealers Area :
  West Hall 4
Costume Play Public Square :
  Rooftop Exhibition Area
        10:00am to 3:00pm
     (location may change
     depending on weather)


Comic Market attendees must 
follow all rules established by 
the Comic Market Committee, 
without exception.
Attendees must obey all instruc-
tions issued by police, fire 
fighters, the Comiket staff, pri-
vate security guards,and employ-
ees of the Tokyo Big Sight.
The following is a list of things
  at the Comic Market:
>Do not violate any Japanese laws
 and/or provincial laws of the 
 Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
>Do not engage in activities that 
 egregiously disturb other attend-
>Do not smoke anywhere but in the
 designated smoking areas.
>Do not start any fires involving 
 open flames, or bring in fire-
 starting devices.
>Do not engage in any public the-
 atrical displays, live shows, dem-
 onstrations, or protest rallies.
>Do not come to the Comiket by any
 means except public transporta-
 tion.There is no room for parking 
 your car,motorcycle, or bicycle 
 at the Tokyo Big Sight.
>Do not loiter in or around the 
 Tokyo Big Sight during late night
>Do not undress or change clothing
 except in the dressing/changing 
 Undressing in the bathroom is 
 strictly prohibited.
>Do not bring in the following 
 items. If you are found to be 
 in possession of any of the fol-
 lowing items, it will be confis-
 cated and will not be returned
 to you.
  #Any items whose possession 
   is prohibited Japanese law,
   and/or items being trans-
   ported in an illegal manner.
  #Weapons and/or anything resem-
   bling a weapon in shape.
  #Anything longer than 30 cm 
   (1 foot) in length.
  #Accessories that have pointed 
  #Any athletic equipment (i.e. 
   balls,Frisbees, bows and ar-
   rows, etc.)
  #People carrying vehicles such
   as bicycles, unicycles, skate-
   boards, rollerskates,etc.
  #Any easily-flammable item.
  #Alcoholic beverages, animals, 
   and electrical generators.
  #Any device designed produce 
   loud sounds (i.e. musical 
   instruments, boom boxes, 
   portable radios with speakers,
  #Any other items deemed danger-
  ous by the Comiket staff.

Disaster Prevention Rules

DO NOT sit down or place luggage,
books, drinks, etc. near fire 
fighting gear or emergency exits. 
These areas are demarcated by red
tape on the floor.Furthermore, do
not leave baggage unattended any-
where within the premises.
If you come across a suspicious 
object,please inform Comiket staff
or a securityguard immediately.

Rules and Guidelines
for Attendees
New to the Comic Market

>We recommend that first time at-
 tendees come to the Comic Market
  in the afternoon in order to a-
  void being stuck in long lines.
>Please use public transportation, 
 such as trains or buses.
>Taking photographs of people in
  cosplay is limited to the costume-
  play public square. Always get per-
  mission from the cosplayer before 
  taking their picture.
>If you are attending the Comic 
 Market as part of any type of 
 fieldwork for the news media,
 you must register at the Comic 
 Market general headquarters
 located in East Hall 1 and 
 abide by instructions issued
 at that time.
>You may only undress at the dress-
 ing/changing room. If you wish 
  to cosplay,
  you must register at the dress-
  ing room. (The dressing room is
  located West Hall 3.) Registra-
  tion will cost \600. Please be 
  aware that cosplay and masquer-
  ading have yet to be widely
  accepted in mainstream Japanese
  society. Do not come to or leave 
  the Comiket wearing a costume.

What is the Comic Market ?

The Comic Market is an event with
more than a quarter of a century 
history and boasts 35,000 dojinshi
publishing circles and 500,000 gen-
eral attendees.
Dojinshi circles come seeking to 
distribute their creations to oth-
ers who share their interests. 
The corporate dealers'area is 
populated by corporations that 
understand and support the ideals
of the Comiket. Most dojinshi cir-
cles do not aim to make a profit 
from their activities.
Their aim is interact and communi-
cate with other participants 
through the works that they have 
Communication inspires further 
creation,thereby forming a foun-
dation upon which even greater 
works can come about. This is 
the paramount ideal of the Comic
Market. The Comic Market Committee,
a non-profit organization,was 
created for the specific purpose
of running these colossal market-
The Comic Market International 
Desk is here to provide overseas 
attendees with information and
answer any questions that might
arise. Please feel free to come
and ask for our help. We welcome
everyone who shares our enthusiasm
and interest in the dojinshi cul-
ture. All of us on the Comiket 
staff hope you will enjoy your 
visit to the Comic Market.

This contents are content for comic market 68. It is described to the comic market catalog.
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