Comic Market 97 : December 28(Sat) to Dec 31(Tue), 2019 at Tokyo Big Sight [Genres/Topics by Day and Hall]
Comic Market 98 : May 2(Satt) to May 5(Tue), 2020 at Tokyo Big Sight

Important Notices

Important Notices
  • Comiket is a massive and very crowded event with approx. 200,000 participants per day. Please be well prepared.
  • Please agree on a meeting place and time with your group in case you get lost. Don't expect your Wi-Fi or phone to work.
  • Pay close attention to your valuables and passports. Beware of pickpockets.
  • Do not wait outside over night. You can only come after the first train.
  • For cosplay, you must use the changing room at Tokyo Big Sight. Do not come or go home in cosplay.
  • Please always ask before taking photos of individual people like cosplayers.
  • We may conduct luggage checks. Please follow instruction of staff and security.
  • We speak English at the International Desk. Come visit us if you need any help.
Please note that you need to buy and wear an "Admission Wristband" to enter Comic Market 97, to cover the increased costs due to changes to the venue. A different color wristband is needed for each separate day. This is a big change from past Comikets.
  • The paper catalog includes wristbands for all 4 days (at bookstores: 2,750 Yen; at Comiket: 2,200 Yen)
  • Wristbands for individual days are sold separately (at selected bookstores: 550 Yen/day; at Comiket: 1,000 Yen/day)
  • We encourage you to buy the wristbands beforehand, as the lines to buy them at Comiket might be long
  • Wristbands are available from July 13 at selected Animate, Toranoana and Melonbooks shops and their online store. We are ont aware of any that sell directly overseas
  • A different color is needed each different day
  • Please wear the wristband around your wrist when entering Comiket. We will check at the entrance
  • The same wristband can be used at South/West Halls (Dojinshi Area) and the Aomi Exhibition Halls (Corporate Area)
  • Depending on the liness outside and the overall density inside, entry might become free for all at later hours. But, it could be that entry without a wristband is not possible the whole day
  • The DVD and online catalogs do not include wristbands
We prided ourselves of not charging any entry fees for visiting participants. But, due to restrictions to the Tokyo Big Sight related to the Tokyo Olympics 2020, we must do Comic Market at a much smaller space over 4 days. This unfortunately means much increased costs, and less space available for advertisement or Corporate Area, both important sources of income. Still, it is not realistic to further increase fees for amateur circles or corporations. So we have to ask visiting participants to share the burden. Additionally, the wristband will also function as a tool to prevent overcrowding at the much smaller venue.
We are not making this decision lightly, as it does not fit to our traditional policy to provide an open "space", that is a market. But we hope your understanding.

Welcome to Comic Market


Due to construction work for the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, the entry process and layout from Comiket 96 onwards is completely different from before. Attendees are strongly advised to read all of the information provided.

Location and Schedule

  1. Comic Market 97: December 28(Saturday) to December 31, 2019 (Tuesday)
  2. Comic Market 98: May 2 (Saturday) to May 5(Tuesday), 2020

An admission Wristband is required for entry

Whilst entrance restrictions are in place, participants must obtain and ware an Admission Wristband for each day in order to enter the venue. Wristbands can be obtained in the following ways:

What is Comic Market?

History and Ideals

Important Comiket Rules

All attendees must follow all rules established by the Comiket Committee without exception. Attendees must obey all instructions issued by police, firefighters, Comiket staff, security guards, and employees of the Tokyo Big Sight. Below are some of the rules of the Comic Market:

Prohibited and Restricted Items

Attendees must not bring in any items whose possession or use is either prohibited or restricted by Japanese law.

Cosplay and Photography

Comic Market welcomes those who would like to wear costumes, but they must come to premises of Comiket in plain clothes. Once at Comiket, first register as a cosplayer and then use the changing room provided. (See "Location and Hours of Operation" above for more details.) Registration is 1,000 yen for each day. Note that all specific policies and rules regarding costume play are listed on PG34 of this catalog as well as listed on the official Comiket website. (Both are in Japanese only.)

Press Coverage and Interviews

lf you are attending the Comic Market as part of any type of reporting for a public or commercial news media service or entertainment provider, you must register at the Press Registration located in the North Concourse near the Main Entrance and follow the instructions issued at that time. Japanese laws regarding privacy restrict the unsolicited photography of private individuals (even in public spaces). Please refrain from any interviewing or filming inside or near Comiket prior to completing registration.

Navigation Comiket: A Beginner's Guide

International Desk

The various Comiket staff have information on how to respond to common questions that attendees from overseas may have, but for more complex topics Comiket has a section known as the International Desk ready to assist you.
The International Desk has mainly English, Chinese (Mandarin) and Korean speakers, and can be found at the General Information desks in West Hall 4 and the Aomi Exhibition Halls. Please feel free to come and ask for our help. We welcome everyone who shares our enthusiasm and interest in dojinshi culture.
All of us on the Comiket staff hope you will enjoy your visit to the Comic Market.

Information for Overseas Attendees in Comic Market 97 Catalog

The linked contents above are current as of Comic Market 97 and are included within the Comic Market Catalog.

Map of Comic Market and surrounds

Comic Market97 Information Map(PDF)
For help in English, German, Chinese or Korean:
Please visit the International Desk in West Hall 4. and the Aomi ExhibitionHalls.

What is the Comic Market

What is the Comic Market (English Version PDF File about 5.0MB) by Comic Market Committee on Jan. 2014
Comic Market's Ideals and Vision -- English translation excerpt from the circle application form to Comiket
The Comic Market today and overseas participants (English Version PDF File about 3.6MB) by Koichi Ichikawa on Dec. 2009

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